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Grow Your Own Superfoods

Swanwick, Southampton

Would you like to spend some time learning about possibly the most nutritionally beneficial foods available to us in nature? Would you like to learn how to grow these foods, indoors, year round and, in the process, save yourself hundreds of pounds a year? Sprouting is one of the best methods of maximising your nutritional potential. Sprouts are described as “the miracle food”, and, by attending this class, you will learn exactly why. In an informal and fun session, this class will leave you inspired and raring to go, with all the knowledge you need to set up your kitchen to produce perfect sprouts and tray greens every time. If up until now you’ve been buying in your sprouted foods and tray greens, you’ll recoup the cost of this class in no time at all!

“I found Max's Sprouting Class highly informative and inspiring. She showed us how easy it is to grow healthy and delicious sprouts, even when you're short of time, and gave us a wealth of information on all aspects of the raw foods lifestyle. I can't wait to get started!” Karen.

I often hear people say that they would love to get into sprouting, and eat more sprouted food, but they either don’t know what to sprout, don’t know which seeds to use, don’t know where to get the equipment, or have tried before, following instructions in a book, but it went wrong so they either gave up, or paid over the odds and continued to buy them from the organic store or supermarket. If this is you, I know exactly how you feel! I was in the same situation for years, and had intermittently grown my own sprouts with varying degrees of success. I’m not embarrassed to say that although sometimes my sprouts grew perfectly, sometimes they grew but didn’t turn green, and sometimes, despite following what I thought were all the correct recommendations from some of the excellent books available on sprouting, it all went horribly wrong and I ended up with soggy, mouldy sprouts that were fit for nothing but the compost bin! It was not until I actually attended a hands-on sprouting class demonstration and got my hands dirty that I really finally understood where I had been going wrong.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin.

In this class, you will be involved! Not only will you learn about all of the benefits of sprouting, you will have the chance to get totally hands-on with the growing process. You can stop me at any time and ask questions. You can get me to go over points again if you didn’t understand them.

“Prior to attending Max's 2 hour Sprouting Class, I had very limited experience of sprouting a few seeds and beans as I'm a newcomer to the raw/living foods scene. Max shared lots of helpful tips about everything from which equipment to use, where to get all the supplies from and how to ensure successful sprouts every time. I found the hands on demo about growing sunflower and pea greens particularly useful. Max didn't mind at all how many questions we asked or how basic they were. I learnt so much more than I would have done reading a book about it all for 2 hours!” Janet, Southampton.

I love sprouting, and I want you to feel the same about it! Imagine how great you’ll feel once you start to incorporate sprouted food into your health regime every day. Some sprouted foods contain 30 times the nutritional potency of the fully grown plant, which have massive benefits for the body, particularly in relation to their antioxidant potential.

“Max is engagingly enthusiastic, extremely knowledgeable and very generous with her time. A small group of us attended a sprouting session at her house recently and had a most enjoyable and informative experience - we all now understand the great benefits of sprouting and eating fresh growing greens and have more confidence to start growing our own! Highly recommended.” Anne, Southampton.

Group classes are deliberately kept small so that I can ensure everyone gets the maximum benefit from them. I am very happy to teach the class on a one to one basis as well, giving the individual maximum attention. This class is suitable for all, experienced in living foods or otherwise. The venue, which is close to both Portsmouth and Southampton, is very easily accessible by road and train (just a 10 minute walk from Swanwick railway station). If you’re still not sure that this class is for you please contact me.

Max Tuck