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The Importance of Detoxification

Detox is rapidly becoming the buzzword for the 21st Century. Health seekers will be aware of the many benefits of detoxification, but confusion still reigns as to how exactly we should go about conducting such a process. What do we eat, if anything, and when? Do we need to take “detox” drinks and supplements? Is there anything that will speed up the detox process, and if so, what?

Help is immediately at hand! Contained in this CD is all the information you will ever need on how to successfully detox at home. By listening to this presentation, you will learn:

  • Which are your 6 major channels of detoxification and how you can assist them,
  • Which simple exercise, taking just 10 minutes a day, will speed up your detox and energise your whole body,
  • How you can banish cellulite – yes, you can!
  • How you can help your detox just by taking a shower – make your morning ritual count!
  • What you should be drinking to assist your detox – this may surprise you,
  • A simple solution to indoor air pollution,
  • Which type of food contains up to 1 billion pathogenic micro-organisms – the body somehow has to deal with these!
  • How to avoid the one essential factor that causes most detoxes to inadvertently fail.

If you want bright eyes, sleek lustrous hair, a glowing complexion and vibrant energy, this is the CD for you!

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