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Feeding the Brain

This could well be Max’s finest hour. Meticulously researched following her father’s diagnosis of dementia, delivered with passion and the highest intent for good, this presentation is straight from the heart; factual, funny, engaging and essential listening! You absolutely can’t afford to miss the vital information given here. You owe it to yourself to own this CD!

You will learn:

  • What the brain is made of, and how deficiencies in these components can have such dramatic effects,
  • Why dehydration is so dangerous, and the best way to hydrate for optimal brain function,
  • The most vital, and overlooked, nutrient that your brain needs – you won’t live long without this!
  • The effects of a “standard” diet on blood sugar and brain function,
  • How oxidative stress can be a disaster for brain health, and what you must do today to avoid these dangers,
  • Which two food supplements have scientific backing, indicating that they can make you more “brainy”,
  • Which type of exercise prevents the degenerative change seen in Alzheimer’s,
  • The 13 things you absolutely MUST avoid if you want to have a healthy brain,
  • How having a healthy brain can help you to feel that often most elusive emotion – happiness.

“This is a CD that I could listen to again and again. It’s the one that I recommend the most to my clients.” – Rian, Winchester.

This CD is a great complement to Oxidative Stress and the Link between Diet and Health, and The Importance of Fat. In fact, it goes with all of them. You choose!

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